donderdag 3 augustus 2017

wait for it

Hey there, again it has been a while since I posted anything on here. Well I haven't been sleeping for sure so what happened in the meantime..
I am working through the shots that need more love animation wise so that will take like another year I guess... but I am working on it.
But another thing I also have been working on besides freelancing like a mtfrfckr last 3 months is another short.
This short movie is a traditional short so are about to start filming it next week. It will encompass 3 days of shooting and the story is about the relationship of a boy and an older man in the not so far future. The world has changed but they did not and are in constant danger of being found.
I will post some more about that when I am finishing the film.

But now I have vacation and I will spend a lot of time on the short, I will try to squeeze in some wktb time cuz I want to finish this fucker asap. But that aint gonna happen so be patient with me.
What I fount out about myself last year is that I really really like telling stories and that this is something I like to pursue in the future. So I want to get this wktb short out of the way cuz I have some great ideas that can't be done now.

Strugglin aaah, but its a good struggle!

I'll keep y'all posted.

zondag 30 april 2017


Hey there,

I thought lets put an update on here, it has been a while fcuz.
So good newsss by the way, I got engaged last week..we where in Italy for a short vacation and I phaaped the question! After almost 14 years it is about time to seal the deal so to speak.

But that aside I am working hard on my short fcuz and I am taking care of the flythrough.
It is a 2.0 version, I rendered it with octane on direct lighting settings.
The pathtracing option was to noisy for me and for a quick satisfying fix I was content with the first option. In post this fast moving camera shot can be tweaked to my hearts content.
And with that a screenshot is added fcuz.

So as many people hear and read and try to figure out what renderer to use I am also constantly struggling with that question. As you can read in the beginning of this blog I bought vray with the promise of having an ipr.. that came after 4 years or so and I was frustrated by the amount of issues I got myself into. So I completely abandoned vray, worst 700 euro's ever spend. And now recently all these renders came out and I am so interested but also in a big project like I am working on I can spend my time better that to do so.
What I decided was that a mega high end realistic look was not necessary and that my main thing was having access to a GI renderer without flickering in animation without hassle. Octane got my attention and also Arnold. I really like the super tight integration of Arnold and C4D but I have to be realistic that I can't afford to have this complete short rendered on a renderfarm..that is gonna cost a lot.

So Since Octane is really fast but has fcuz the issue that if the gpu is full like I have now, I have a 780ti with 3GB and that is a nice card but 3 gigs is not ok so I ordered a titan with 11 gigs and I hope I can insert that beast in my machine. And if needed I will buy a second computer with 2 more cards and that must be sufficient and that is more than I can afford with a wedding coming up:D

So like that greyscalegorilla dude says Arnold is da shit it is true but I cant afford to render everything on there so Octane even with its limitations is logically the only choice I have so far and perhaps redshift will be great who knows but shots are looking nice and feedback is ok so I am happy with this option for now.

Also I am doing some cloudshot, I probably try to do that with arnold but we will see. I checked a tutorial on Entagma, it has lots of Houdini tutorials and I think my brain can't handle Houdini I followed along with them just to make a nice cloud..and that cloud I will scatter to my hearts content to create a nice cloudscape before the flight through continues with the stuff in the screenshot above.

Due to the limited space for now on my graphics card I had to break the flight through up in 4 pieces and that will work nicely..sooo back to it, next up is animation of Timmy entering the room to get the ball of doom:D


zaterdag 11 maart 2017

almost full

Last time I made a post I was halfway there and now I am almost done...
And so far I am content with the result. I've come to the conclusion that I am at 80 percent of the awesomeness of most of the shots, some are better than others fcuz.
Every iteration makes it better so I think that when I have concluded the first complete draft it is still some work in the animation dept left, but that is ok

So what else did I do, well I redesigned the cabin in the woods, it is a horror short so there has to be a cabin in the woods, I had an rough idea so I made it look nice and there is still some work left but it goes nice with what I wanted it to be.

Also a part of the movie is a frozen moment where story lines are explained. For one why a frozen moment, well if I think about past events they are always frozen, it is a still not a movie clip that why and it works great for explaining some things. I had this shot for over 3 years in my head figuring out how to do it but I went in and it came together nicely so I am really happy with that being resolved.

Another thing I figured out was how to get decent snow on my forester plugin trees by 3d quackers.
It has a build in snow generator but that just didn't cut it detail wise so I used the mesher of x-particles which will give more control over metaballs than the built in version. That worked out great and I am super happy with that cuz I saw a great pack of 3d stock trees with snow for 150 dollars but they are to heavy geometry wise so this will do great.

Another thing I am wondering about as it comes closer every week is what to do with the rendering..
I want to use octane but I think I have to invest some more in an extra rig or something, I think I wait first and see how long the eventual shots take on 1 or 2 cards in my main rig. And then I will decide..

I will need another 2 months to finish this first draft to my hearts content so here is a still of the frozen moment..spoilerrr

zondag 8 januari 2017


Been real busy with the project lately, I have put some real hard work in it for the past weeks. Sooo I am happy to say that I am halfway animating the darn thing. Not all the animation is worth mentioning for now but it is 90 percent there and that is good enough for me for now.
I will keep on doing this amount of work for the upcoming months and hopefully I will have a first draft ready within a few months. After that I will have to make the new beginning and the middle part which is not so much an animation animation thingy but more of a camera challenge.
I am working with my new laptop(dell xps15) and am doing some research for the new beginning with the flyover. There will be a gazzilion trees in there so I am trying out octane and that works great. But it is still a long way to go like all work for this project.

But I am optimistic that it will be great!
It won't be a pixar animation but the was never my goal, it was to make my vibe come to life in an animation and that is what it will be!

maandag 3 oktober 2016

getting shit done

So this time it went a bit faster then I anticipated. I finished the first run of most of the animations.
It is still gonna be a hell of a job to go over them once again and clean or polish them but it is good to be in this place.
Last weekend I finished the final scene and most of the time I look at the animatic I made to use as a guide but for this scene I made some other choices and I am very happy I did. The scene is a bit of a thriller and I imagine a nice audio atmosphere with the accompanied dread to fit the vibe.

So next week I'll start with replacing the head of the old rig with the new one and start from the beginning and work my way up from there. Also there are some things that need change for example the sled, I made a better one so it has also be replaced...darn!

Also I have neglected the beginning and mid piece of the animation for now, that will shape along over time I guess. So still a lot to do but every step is one more, just one thousand more...

zondag 14 augustus 2016


Soooo it has been a while but I that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.
Recently I had some freelance jobs I had to take care of and that is almost done. One more videoclip coming up soon.
Also here is a link to a commercial I made for kidsweek.

But back to the project!!! I am still animating and that will take some more time, cuz it is a lot.
Also I am not an animator, I try to do what works and I find that the workload is a bit to big for me and to slow of a progress but I will keep on trucking. It is so friggin much. So I thing hypothetical that I will be busy for a half year to get the first run ready and than I probably have to clean everything up and that will also take enough time.. helllll

But I still believe in this thing, even so much that I wrote a bigger story than the one I am animating.
Also my idea is to make it a real thing, a movie of some sorts.
This sounds big and it is but this is what I wanted to do with it eventually so I wrote a complete story that is dark as hell and I have a friend who will help me setting this up.
It wont be easy but it will be cool to try!

Also some music is being made by Mr Marvey at work and me, just for fun, some dark tunes that will be good for the soul:D

SO busy as ever!



woensdag 6 april 2016


So I had a week off and went into my project and spend most of my time finetuning my main character.
Thing such as the hair, the collar and the jacket dynamics had to be fixed. Thing I dislike is that the jacket sometimes gets to far away from the I guess I have to live with that, otherwise I am happy with the result.walkcycle Timmy Benson
Also I did about 2 scenes so not a lot but I try to be more methodical witch animation. I am no animator so I have to try things out, it is one big trial and error.